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The players turn the cards in turn, and the cards that are turned back can be placed on the original cards to block them, as long as you remember what cards are underneath. Once three identical ugly dolls appear on the desktop, everyone will compete to grab the three cards and win the most. If you make a mistake, you need to punish a card. If the card is on the table, the player can take all means to grab the card.

Game experience: I feel that this kind of play is very violent. Hahaha, the recommended person does not know what to play, let us a few beautiful girls grabbed in front of the handsome guy, what is the heart~~~ But as a warm-up game, everyone will soon Familiar, from this point of view, this game is barely passing (I will admit that I am slow)

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The hot words of the game “just say a word” (look at whether our brain hole is similar)

Number of players: 3-8

Each player draws 6 cards as a hand, and the hand must be kept secret from other players. The starting player covers a card and assigns a name (words, sentences, actions, expressions), and the rest of the players take out the card that is most like this description to confuse other players, cover and play, wash Cards, open the cards that are played, and each player votes to select the card that the starting player played.

If all the players guess the card that the questioner played, or if there is no guesser guessing, then the questioner will not score, all the guessers will get 2 points each, if it is other cases, then the questioner Get 3 points, guess the result of the guesser got 3 points, the card played by the guesser, each time you get a vote, the guesser who played the card can get 1 point.

The player is made to take turns until someone reaches 30 points or the card is used up.

Game experience: Everyone’s brain hole is really a lot worse! For example, there is a board of cards that is Faye Wong (妃). Some people have short-haired women’s cards. The title is a rotating Trojan card. Many people choose female cards. On the spot, LZ knew a little friend who was very consistent with my brain hole. It was confession and confession. This brand LZ played very early. The friend’s house was prepared. When Song Zhongji was still very hot, he also issued a title called “ Song Zhongji, when the guests come to play this game often, the picture is rich, home must-have, suitable for all ages.

Hot-game game “Biscuit Wars”

Number of players: 4-8

Each hand starts with a few hands. The hand consists of biscuits, donuts, cookies, cakes, gingerbread people, etc. The starting player throws the dice and the corresponding action on the dice, such as taking a hand in exchange for a hand. Milk in the hands of other players / Give the milk in the hands of the home / All players and the next home to change all the hands / Each player discards 3 hands to the table and then grabs 3 back, etc., throwing the dice in turn, the first hand The cards are all in the same category (biscuits, donuts, cookies, cakes, gingerbread people, etc.) and have one milk card at the same time to win.

Game experience: It is said that it is one of the boss’s favorite yarn games. The next successful second card may be given to the next home or the next one. You never know if you can win. The biscuit picture is quite beautiful, it is quite interesting to grab it, the biscuit is not bad, and the talent for the bad cookie is bad! Online search for a map to be posted, actually can not find, may not name the biscuit war, the next time I saw the boss ask.

How to play: Players take turns quickly to play the name corresponding to the card. At the same time as playing the card, you must say the name “correctly” as quickly as possible. If it is the same as the card of the previous family, you can’t say the correct name of the card. At the same time, there is a prohibition card. If one of the cards is forbidden, The name, the player can not repeat the name of the card at home and can not name the forbidden name. Any hesitation or mistake will eat all the cards on the field, and the player who first played the game will win.

Game experience: In order to let the unknown friends familiar with each other, we will use the respective names to name the cards, so that the names of the games will be remembered after the game is over. As the old driver of the wool game, LZ changed his name to “my name is very long”, and named the prohibition card as a cauliflower with the same pattern as one of the cards. The new ones were caught off guard by themselves~ for their own This little trick applauded~

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