Can you save prisoners of war by playing games? See how the “Monopoly” game shows its power in World War II!

In World War II, the huge number of combatants made the number of prisoners of war soar, and the rescue of prisoners of war has become a particularly important topic in the participating countries. However, the rescue of prisoners of war is often a very difficult process. If you pay little attention, you will get into more people. Life is still nothing. However, in many people’s view, the rescue operation, which was very difficult, was easily accomplished in the hands of the British by means of a game called “Monopoly”! What is going on here?

“Monopoly”, also known as “real estate tycoon” or “superior”, I believe many people have played, is a classic multiplayer strategy class version of the game. Since its launch in 1904, it has played more than 500 million people and is one of the most popular graphic games in the world. The only goal of this game is to make money, earn props, and whoever wins all the money will win. The game props are also very rich, including chessboards, dice, maps and so on. It is this map that inspired the British Secret Intelligence Agency!

During the Second World War, Monopoly games were popular in Europe. Based on the inspiration of the props, the British Secret Intelligence Agency designed a perfect rescue plan for prisoners of war. To this end, the Secret Intelligence Service has customized a special set of Monopoly game consoles. The difference between this game console and the ordinary Monopoly game console is that it contains real escape maps, sickles, compasses and real coins. Etc. There is also a clear sign in the shape: there is a red dot in the corner of the free parking space on the board.

Then, the Secret Intelligence Service trained the soldiers and told them that if they were captured in the war, they would try to find the Monopoly game machine with the red dot in the prison camp and tell them how to get the runway.

It’s not enough to finish this, because how to send the game console to the prison camp without causing the German suspicion is the most important point. After many considerations, the British Secret Intelligence Agency thought of the International Red Cross, through which these monopoly game consoles were mixed into the prisoners’ prison supplies. Of course, the International Red Cross did not know the tricks in these monopoly game consoles. It was very happy to accept it. Even they did not know it, and they became inexplicably the rescuers of the Allies.

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