The new version of “Monopoly: The Game of Power” is coming soon

With its extreme violence, a lot of bad language and a lot of betrayal scenes, the power game is great for Monopoly’s family board games. The original TV series has proven to be very popular, the updated version is coming soon, and now it has come to Monopoly, a classic board game. Monopoly: The second edition of Game of Thrones is now available for booking and will be delivered in January next year.

As with traditional versions of board games, players move around when they buy and sell locations, and players can build castles and accommodations on properties instead of hotels and homes. The game comes with not the usual banknotes, but the silver bucks and gold dragon banknotes, which are based on coins used in the game of TV drama power. Currently, the Monopoly: Game of Thrones game can be booked from several retailers, including GameStop and Amazon, for $29.99.

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