These four puzzles play against the board game, fun to open the parent-child accompanying good time

The baby is addicted to the phone or watching TV, and many parents have headaches. In addition to making rules and disciplines, parents are very important to guide, and a good parent-child board game can not only bring the beautiful family time of the whole family, but also the logic, strategy and knowledge of children’s thinking. The ability to explore provides a potentially positive impact. Here are four great fun-to-play puzzle tables and chairs for parents to easily save the baby who is addicted to mobile phones and TV.

First, “step by step”, open the baby super thinking

A super fun puzzle game for board games, easy to get started, and between the road and the other side of the game, super pioneering baby thinking: logical reasoning and concentration.

The gameplay is like this:

1. The pieces are placed in the middle of each side of the board (1 piece and 10 pieces per person, if there are 4 people playing, 1 piece and 5 pieces per person)

2. The player takes turns to do one of two actions: moving and placing the wall

3, two choices of one action – mobile: small pieces can move one frame back and forth, left and right, the pieces can not be worn through the wall, the opponent pieces can be directly crossed.

4, two choices of one action – put the wall: the small wall can be placed horizontally or directly to the board to block the path of the other chess piece, but the wall can not completely surround the piece, that is, to leave at least one side of the piece, the placed The roots of the wall can not move.

5. Your own chess arrives at the last row of the opponent’s grid and wins.

Second, the “various change box”, carry out advanced training for baby space thinking

Through a wooden chessboard and 12 blocks, and a wooden difficulty setting bar, the whole world of space is formed. The baby is assembled by different combinations of bricks, from easy to difficult, and gradually trains children’s spatial thinking ability and imagination. .

The gameplay is like this:

1. Toys include props: 1 wooden platter, 12 wooden blocks, and 1 wooden difficulty setting bar.

2, place the difficulty bar, set the difficulty (3-12 difficulty, arbitrarily placed)

3, the number on the board thinks the number and difficulty factor of the building blocks

4, find the right building blocks for assembly, successfully spell out the square to fill the difficulty area is successful

Third, “You push me to squeeze” to discover the mystery of logical thinking

Connect the pieces of your own graphics to the line and destroy the other party’s connection. The last row will be 5 lines to win. It involves a movement and affects the whole body, and requires the child’s great concentration and logical thinking ability as well as the overall situation. The whole gameplay is like a flat cube, and there is endless fun.

The gameplay is like this:

1, the toy contains props: a chess board and 25 pieces with a circle pattern

2. Before the game starts, each person chooses a pattern of their own (circle and fork)

3. Place 25 pieces of chess on the board (the pieces are blank with no pattern facing up)

4. The player flips the piece and pushes the board to any corner around it. It cannot be inserted into the four corners.

5. Another player repeats the action of the previous player and then places the chess on the row or column to make the overall transition.

6. Repeat the previous action, in which your own chess can push the opponent’s chess to follow the whole process.

7. In the end, one of the players will win the game by placing the pieces belonging to their own graphics into 5 lines.

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