“Dark Soul” entity board game open box fire does not lose the game

First of all, we can see that the appearance of this board game product is very beautiful, the cover is the same as the cover of the “Dark Soul 3” regular game. Open the outer box, which is the board game and physical content of the board game, including character pieces, dice and cards. Although the character pieces need to be colored by the player, the model is quite restored on the outside.

Packing box

Character chess piece

  As for the game content, the game version of “Dark Soul” has the same high difficulty and playability as the original game. Players can choose the classic characters in the game for single player or multiplayer. As with the original game settings, there is also a bonfire system in the board game where players can upgrade and rest, and once they leave the bonfire, the monsters on the map will be refreshed. There are no fixed scenes in the map, and various encounters occur during the walking on the map.

“Dark Soul” board game is also very “routing”

  Although it is not clear how the specific battle process of the game is, according to the editor of the Eurogamer demo, the battle in this board game is quite difficult. If you don’t learn the enemy’s “routines”, you will be easily killed. It seems that it is not easy to pass the fire in the “Dark Soul” board game.

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