Three Kingdoms VS Hero Kill, are card games, which one do you like?

It is even the shouting when people are killed by blood, and the lines when they are going to die are so interesting. Every hero’s lines are different and very fun. And the heroes killed a lot of military commanders, such playability is much higher. The fun will also double.

For example, when Zhao Feiyan decided to use the line, “Bitter heart cream, no matter what you want, rich life, sometimes, the palm dance is screaming, the thirty-sixth house is long in autumn, only knowing a month, once glimpsed the bird into Zhaoyang, a red Lu Ningxiang, Yunyu Wushan smashed the intestines, and “Hufu riding to set the Central Plains”, “Because of what happened, why fight”, “When he is, Jiangdong disciple is still here, Ken is the king of the earth Come!” And… is it familiar?

No player likes the same thing, the game is the same, it is a card game, has a similar gameplay, so after playing the hero kill, I also want to play for a while to kill the Three Kingdoms. The first is that the picture is interesting, the skin of each character is very good, and each skin has its own text skin story, the experience of this character, etc., I feel that the Three Kingdoms killing is still very good, there is a good Cultural atmosphere. Playing a game, you can also know some historical characters, still very good! Very strong and strong Chinese style! There is no difference between the basic content of the Three Kingdoms Kill and Hero Kill game and the core gameplay, so it depends on which game you have, what are the requirements?

To say that there is no difference between hero killing and three-nation killing, then the details are as follows. There were many expansion packs in the Three Kingdoms, and there was no hero killing. There are more kinds of gameplay in the Three Kingdoms, heroes are constantly updated, and the Three Kingdoms have a national 3V3. Contest, but the hero did not kill. These are some small differences. Although everyone knows that there are fewer military commanders and fewer skills in the Three Kingdoms, everyone knows that the balance between the Three Kingdoms is good and the playability is high.

If such a similar card game is compared again, then the characteristics of the military commanders who are killed in the Three Kingdoms are obvious and differentiated. Each expansion package has its own characteristics. The skills of the three kingdoms are very delicate. It is academic. Stronger. The picture and sound effect of the hero killing are very good, the art is very enjoyable, but the skill design is more BUG, ​​the lack of rigorous hero skills, the simple patchwork of hero skills or the balance of hero skills is not fair. So there are advantages and disadvantages, but look at the player as a player, how to choose.

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