Innovate traditional chess games and check out those fun chess games

Chess-based games have always been the best choice for humans to pass the time before they develop their computers. And all kinds of chess and card games have gradually entered the international arena. However, after playing chess games for so long, people began to look for new excitement and fun, which also gave birth to a lot of novelty chess games. Let’s take a look at some interesting chess games.

One: Three Kingdoms Kill

The Three Kingdoms Kill, the game combines the characteristics of similar games in the West, and joined the background of the Three Kingdoms period in China. In terms of identity, camp power as a clue, in the form of cards, and vertical and horizontal , after a round of strategy and action to get the final victory game. When the killing of the Three Kingdoms was launched, it was welcomed by the majority of fans. Not only offline, online, and the Three Kingdoms are extremely popular, and they are very popular in China. The various combat modes developed through several cards make players want to stop. No matter how many people, when playing online and downstream, they can take out the three countries and play together.

Three Kingdoms

Two: Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a chess game launched by Blizzard. The unique professional and deck system, as well as the mana limit system, make this game full of charm, and also expelled the basis of the fee card game. And based on the popularity brought by World of Warcraft, this game has quickly swept the World of Warcraft fans, and after getting rid of the background of Warcraft, the future of Hearthstone has become more extensive.


Three: Quint

The Kwant brand was originally a small game in the “Witcher 3” game. In the world of “Witcher 3”, everyone is honored to enter the Kwant brand. The Kunte brand also captures a large number of players with its own unique charm. Even some people who ridicule the demon hunter are playing cards. “Indulge in playing cards and unintentionally hunting the devil” “Buy the Kunte card and send the wizard 3” to the city. . Thus, the parent company of “Witcher 3” extracted the Kwant brand separately and made a game that can be networked for everyone’s entertainment. Let more people experience the fun of Quint.

Four: UNO

UNO was invented by Merle Robbins in 1971 and is now produced by the gaming company Mattel. Because of the rules of the game, when the player has only one card left, he must call “uno”, hence the name. Uno means “1” in Spanish and Italian. The rules of the game are a bit more complicated for first-time contacts, but after familiarity, you will find this board game still very fun.

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