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During the Great Depression, the successful board game monopoly, popular throughout the United States!

When the days of the Great Depression became difficult, people played board games—especially about making money. When the Great Depression hit in the 1930s, people played at least 30 years of monopoly. But it turns out that for the real estate industry, the economic downturn is unlikely to be a golden age – and it is full […]

5 best board games for toddlers!

There are many good reasons to play board games with your kids and play board games with your kids! First of all, board games allow you to spend quality, conscious and uninterrupted time with your child. In a world full of distractions and Facebook beckoning for each of our waking moments, it’s easy to try multitasking while […]

Buying a house: Have you played Monopoly?

Presumably everyone has played this classic old-fashioned game, the participants get the game money, with luck (rolling dice) and trading strategy, buy land, build a building to earn rent. The original English name monopoly means “monopoly” because there is only one winner in the end, and the rest are bankrupt. The game was originally designed to expose […]

These four puzzles play against the board game, fun to open the parent-child accompanying good time

The baby is addicted to the phone or watching TV, and many parents have headaches. In addition to making rules and disciplines, parents are very important to guide, and a good parent-child board game can not only bring the beautiful family time of the whole family, but also the logic, strategy and knowledge of children’s thinking. […]

Share board games for the last two parties

The players turn the cards in turn, and the cards that are turned back can be placed on the original cards to block them, as long as you remember what cards are underneath. Once three identical ugly dolls appear on the desktop, everyone will compete to grab the three cards and win the most. If you make […]