Innovate traditional chess games and check out those fun chess games

Chess-based games have always been the best choice for humans to pass the time before they develop their computers. And all kinds of chess and card games have gradually entered the international arena. However, after playing chess games for so long, people began to look for new excitement and fun, which also gave birth to a lot of novelty chess games. Let’s take a look at some interesting chess games.

One: Three Kingdoms Kill

The Three Kingdoms Kill, the game combines the characteristics of similar games in the West, and joined the background of the Three Kingdoms period in China. In terms of identity, camp power as a clue, in the form of cards, and vertical and horizontal , after a round of strategy and action to get the final victory game. When the killing of the Three Kingdoms was launched, it was welcomed by the majority of fans. Not only offline, online, and the Three Kingdoms are extremely popular, and they are very popular in China. The various combat modes developed through several cards make players want to stop. No matter how many people, when playing online and downstream, they can take out the three countries and play together.

Three Kingdoms

Two: Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a chess game launched by Blizzard. The unique professional and deck system, as well as the mana limit system, make this game full of charm, and also expelled the basis of the fee card game. And based on the popularity brought by World of Warcraft, this game has quickly swept the World of Warcraft fans, and after getting rid of the background of Warcraft, the future of Hearthstone has become more extensive.


Three: Quint

The Kwant brand was originally a small game in the “Witcher 3” game. In the world of “Witcher 3”, everyone is honored to enter the Kwant brand. The Kunte brand also captures a large number of players with its own unique charm. Even some people who ridicule the demon hunter are playing cards. “Indulge in playing cards and unintentionally hunting the devil” “Buy the Kunte card and send the wizard 3” to the city. . Thus, the parent company of “Witcher 3” extracted the Kwant brand separately and made a game that can be networked for everyone’s entertainment. Let more people experience the fun of Quint.

Four: UNO

UNO was invented by Merle Robbins in 1971 and is now produced by the gaming company Mattel. Because of the rules of the game, when the player has only one card left, he must call “uno”, hence the name. Uno means “1” in Spanish and Italian. The rules of the game are a bit more complicated for first-time contacts, but after familiarity, you will find this board game still very fun.

During the Great Depression, the successful board game monopoly, popular throughout the United States!

When the days of the Great Depression became difficult, people played board games—especially about making money. When the Great Depression hit in the 1930s, people played at least 30 years of monopoly. But it turns out that for the real estate industry, the economic downturn is unlikely to be a golden age – and it is full of irony.

The campaign’s founder, Elizabeth J. Magie, was first patented in 1904 for “The Landlord’s Game,” and she designed the game to let the world know the evils of capitalism. Her games have been circulating in the left-wing political circles for decades, until the early 1930s, when the Quakers of Atlantic City began to accept her games. This was a replica of the game sold to Parker Brothers during the Great Depression and was commercially successful, freeing the company from bankruptcy.

The success of the Monopoly game has puzzled many people. Why is family and friends willing to get together to exchange cash and real estate when finance is extremely desperate? The success of Monopoly games is not isolated; this echoes the general trend of board games prevailing during the Great Depression.

Board games provide affordable entertainment.

At the time, no one was more surprised by the tabletop craze than the executives of Parker Brothers. With the shrinking budget of most American households, game industry executives believe that the retail industry (especially those that divert attention) will plummet with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is for them. It is logical to say.

At the time and now, there were many reasons why board games were still a highlight of the economic downturn, and for retailers this was usually a bleak period. Board games are relatively inexpensive and reusable, allowing for a wide range of ages to entertain. A monopoly board can allow a family to do things on many nights, plus the current budgetary pressures.

Another theory is that people stay at home. Edward Parker, the grandson of founder George Parker, recalled many years later, “In the Great Depression, people didn’t have enough money to watch the show…” So they stayed at home to play Monopoly. This game not only provides cheap entertainment, but also provides a psychological panacea, which, as Parker said, gives a sense of wealth. “But let it continue is a chance for personal gain.” It caters to people’s competitive nature. “The player always says to himself, ‘I want to beat another guy.'” He said that people can also play monopoly games without waiting for the end of the world. Freed from the tensions of everyday life

American board games can be traced back to the earliest Native American communities. In the mid-19th century, Milton Bradley and the Parker Brothers developed their respective businesses in Salem, Massachusetts, which promoted the commercialization of board games. More extensive. But unlike the previous economic crisis, indoor lighting was more common during the Great Depression and facilitated the indoor entertainment world. Since many people are unemployed, there are more time to kill than ever before.

Scrabble was invented by a boring unemployed.

In 1938, Alfred Mosher Butts invented a game called Lexiko. The boring unemployment is exacerbating unemployment. “Well, I didn’t do anything,” Boots later recalled. “This is troublesome. I have nothing to do; I don’t have a job. So I think I have to invent a game.

Sales data for places like the newly opened FAO Schwarz may not reflect the overall situation. If a family can’t afford the Monopoly or Scrabble board in the store, then it’s possible to see a neighbor and make a pirate, just like countless families in Monopoly. As done, the property is usually localized to reflect the respective community. At the time, more affordable games were booming, such as bridges, canasta and pinochle, which required far fewer equipment and in some cases they only needed a deck of cards. Jigsaw puzzles and mini golf are also popular around the world.

5 best board games for toddlers!

There are many good reasons to play board games with your kids and play board games with your kids! First of all, board games allow you to spend quality, conscious and uninterrupted time with your child. In a world full of distractions and Facebook beckoning for each of our waking moments, it’s easy to try multitasking while spending time with our children. It is possible to sneak into the board game and you promise to play until the end of the game. If you are playing chutes and ladders, this is a game that will never be. It seems. to. Ending the game may not be feasible, which is why it is not included on our list!

Secondly, as a family to spend quality time, children playing board games is learning how to take turns and become an elegant loser. Playing together is a perfect time to show your child how to be a good sport. As parents, we can easily want our children to win every time they play, because we don’t want to hurt their fragile self-esteem. This is the absolute worst thing we can do for our children. There is a time to win the game and lose time, and children should often learn how to deal with the inevitable victories and disappointments in life.

Scrolling and playing board games: For children 18 months and older, think your child is too small to play board games? Think again! This simple toddler board game is a great way to introduce your kids to the game. There is a large plush mold with different colors on each side being thrown. The child then selects the appropriate card color and must perform an action on the card. My favorite part of this game is the card.

There are six colors: Red: Action Card. Example: Be a stupid dance. Yellow: Emotions. Example: Make a sleeping face. Purple: Body parts. Example: Wipe your belly. Green: The sound of animals. For example: roar like a lion. Orange: Count. Example: Clapping eight times. Blue: color. Example: Find something blue. You can play this in a group and take turns or you can let your kids play again and again, either way, which is a great first board game for kids!

So far, Zingo is the favorite game of Big Brother. Our game is so popular that there is a hole in the box! This is easy to understand and fun for the whole family! At Zingo, you have to fill the entire board to play “ZINGO!” instead of having a certain number of victories like regular Bingo. The game is equipped with durable cardboard Zingo cards and plastic chips that are installed in the equally impressive “chip distributors”.

Buying a house: Have you played Monopoly?

Presumably everyone has played this classic old-fashioned game, the participants get the game money, with luck (rolling dice) and trading strategy, buy land, build a building to earn rent. The original English name monopoly means “monopoly” because there is only one winner in the end, and the rest are bankrupt. The game was originally designed to expose the drawbacks of laissez-faire capitalism, but it was popular after its launch. Due to the limited space on the board, preemption is the key word: grab the limited land resources; seize the high-quality city; seize the checkpoint fortress; then collect the toll, collect the rent… fast fish eat slow fish, big fish eat small fish.

The game has started, rules, do you understand?

Recommended Property: Longhu·Tianlu

Three Kingdoms VS Hero Kill, are card games, which one do you like?

It is even the shouting when people are killed by blood, and the lines when they are going to die are so interesting. Every hero’s lines are different and very fun. And the heroes killed a lot of military commanders, such playability is much higher. The fun will also double.

For example, when Zhao Feiyan decided to use the line, “Bitter heart cream, no matter what you want, rich life, sometimes, the palm dance is screaming, the thirty-sixth house is long in autumn, only knowing a month, once glimpsed the bird into Zhaoyang, a red Lu Ningxiang, Yunyu Wushan smashed the intestines, and “Hufu riding to set the Central Plains”, “Because of what happened, why fight”, “When he is, Jiangdong disciple is still here, Ken is the king of the earth Come!” And… is it familiar?

No player likes the same thing, the game is the same, it is a card game, has a similar gameplay, so after playing the hero kill, I also want to play for a while to kill the Three Kingdoms. The first is that the picture is interesting, the skin of each character is very good, and each skin has its own text skin story, the experience of this character, etc., I feel that the Three Kingdoms killing is still very good, there is a good Cultural atmosphere. Playing a game, you can also know some historical characters, still very good! Very strong and strong Chinese style! There is no difference between the basic content of the Three Kingdoms Kill and Hero Kill game and the core gameplay, so it depends on which game you have, what are the requirements?

To say that there is no difference between hero killing and three-nation killing, then the details are as follows. There were many expansion packs in the Three Kingdoms, and there was no hero killing. There are more kinds of gameplay in the Three Kingdoms, heroes are constantly updated, and the Three Kingdoms have a national 3V3. Contest, but the hero did not kill. These are some small differences. Although everyone knows that there are fewer military commanders and fewer skills in the Three Kingdoms, everyone knows that the balance between the Three Kingdoms is good and the playability is high.

If such a similar card game is compared again, then the characteristics of the military commanders who are killed in the Three Kingdoms are obvious and differentiated. Each expansion package has its own characteristics. The skills of the three kingdoms are very delicate. It is academic. Stronger. The picture and sound effect of the hero killing are very good, the art is very enjoyable, but the skill design is more BUG, ​​the lack of rigorous hero skills, the simple patchwork of hero skills or the balance of hero skills is not fair. So there are advantages and disadvantages, but look at the player as a player, how to choose.

“Dark Soul” entity board game open box fire does not lose the game

First of all, we can see that the appearance of this board game product is very beautiful, the cover is the same as the cover of the “Dark Soul 3” regular game. Open the outer box, which is the board game and physical content of the board game, including character pieces, dice and cards. Although the character pieces need to be colored by the player, the model is quite restored on the outside.

Packing box

Character chess piece

  As for the game content, the game version of “Dark Soul” has the same high difficulty and playability as the original game. Players can choose the classic characters in the game for single player or multiplayer. As with the original game settings, there is also a bonfire system in the board game where players can upgrade and rest, and once they leave the bonfire, the monsters on the map will be refreshed. There are no fixed scenes in the map, and various encounters occur during the walking on the map.

“Dark Soul” board game is also very “routing”

  Although it is not clear how the specific battle process of the game is, according to the editor of the Eurogamer demo, the battle in this board game is quite difficult. If you don’t learn the enemy’s “routines”, you will be easily killed. It seems that it is not easy to pass the fire in the “Dark Soul” board game.

These four puzzles play against the board game, fun to open the parent-child accompanying good time

The baby is addicted to the phone or watching TV, and many parents have headaches. In addition to making rules and disciplines, parents are very important to guide, and a good parent-child board game can not only bring the beautiful family time of the whole family, but also the logic, strategy and knowledge of children’s thinking. The ability to explore provides a potentially positive impact. Here are four great fun-to-play puzzle tables and chairs for parents to easily save the baby who is addicted to mobile phones and TV.

First, “step by step”, open the baby super thinking

A super fun puzzle game for board games, easy to get started, and between the road and the other side of the game, super pioneering baby thinking: logical reasoning and concentration.

The gameplay is like this:

1. The pieces are placed in the middle of each side of the board (1 piece and 10 pieces per person, if there are 4 people playing, 1 piece and 5 pieces per person)

2. The player takes turns to do one of two actions: moving and placing the wall

3, two choices of one action – mobile: small pieces can move one frame back and forth, left and right, the pieces can not be worn through the wall, the opponent pieces can be directly crossed.

4, two choices of one action – put the wall: the small wall can be placed horizontally or directly to the board to block the path of the other chess piece, but the wall can not completely surround the piece, that is, to leave at least one side of the piece, the placed The roots of the wall can not move.

5. Your own chess arrives at the last row of the opponent’s grid and wins.

Second, the “various change box”, carry out advanced training for baby space thinking

Through a wooden chessboard and 12 blocks, and a wooden difficulty setting bar, the whole world of space is formed. The baby is assembled by different combinations of bricks, from easy to difficult, and gradually trains children’s spatial thinking ability and imagination. .

The gameplay is like this:

1. Toys include props: 1 wooden platter, 12 wooden blocks, and 1 wooden difficulty setting bar.

2, place the difficulty bar, set the difficulty (3-12 difficulty, arbitrarily placed)

3, the number on the board thinks the number and difficulty factor of the building blocks

4, find the right building blocks for assembly, successfully spell out the square to fill the difficulty area is successful

Third, “You push me to squeeze” to discover the mystery of logical thinking

Connect the pieces of your own graphics to the line and destroy the other party’s connection. The last row will be 5 lines to win. It involves a movement and affects the whole body, and requires the child’s great concentration and logical thinking ability as well as the overall situation. The whole gameplay is like a flat cube, and there is endless fun.

The gameplay is like this:

1, the toy contains props: a chess board and 25 pieces with a circle pattern

2. Before the game starts, each person chooses a pattern of their own (circle and fork)

3. Place 25 pieces of chess on the board (the pieces are blank with no pattern facing up)

4. The player flips the piece and pushes the board to any corner around it. It cannot be inserted into the four corners.

5. Another player repeats the action of the previous player and then places the chess on the row or column to make the overall transition.

6. Repeat the previous action, in which your own chess can push the opponent’s chess to follow the whole process.

7. In the end, one of the players will win the game by placing the pieces belonging to their own graphics into 5 lines.

The new version of “Monopoly: The Game of Power” is coming soon

With its extreme violence, a lot of bad language and a lot of betrayal scenes, the power game is great for Monopoly’s family board games. The original TV series has proven to be very popular, the updated version is coming soon, and now it has come to Monopoly, a classic board game. Monopoly: The second edition of Game of Thrones is now available for booking and will be delivered in January next year.

As with traditional versions of board games, players move around when they buy and sell locations, and players can build castles and accommodations on properties instead of hotels and homes. The game comes with not the usual banknotes, but the silver bucks and gold dragon banknotes, which are based on coins used in the game of TV drama power. Currently, the Monopoly: Game of Thrones game can be booked from several retailers, including GameStop and Amazon, for $29.99.

Can you save prisoners of war by playing games? See how the “Monopoly” game shows its power in World War II!

In World War II, the huge number of combatants made the number of prisoners of war soar, and the rescue of prisoners of war has become a particularly important topic in the participating countries. However, the rescue of prisoners of war is often a very difficult process. If you pay little attention, you will get into more people. Life is still nothing. However, in many people’s view, the rescue operation, which was very difficult, was easily accomplished in the hands of the British by means of a game called “Monopoly”! What is going on here?

“Monopoly”, also known as “real estate tycoon” or “superior”, I believe many people have played, is a classic multiplayer strategy class version of the game. Since its launch in 1904, it has played more than 500 million people and is one of the most popular graphic games in the world. The only goal of this game is to make money, earn props, and whoever wins all the money will win. The game props are also very rich, including chessboards, dice, maps and so on. It is this map that inspired the British Secret Intelligence Agency!

During the Second World War, Monopoly games were popular in Europe. Based on the inspiration of the props, the British Secret Intelligence Agency designed a perfect rescue plan for prisoners of war. To this end, the Secret Intelligence Service has customized a special set of Monopoly game consoles. The difference between this game console and the ordinary Monopoly game console is that it contains real escape maps, sickles, compasses and real coins. Etc. There is also a clear sign in the shape: there is a red dot in the corner of the free parking space on the board.

Then, the Secret Intelligence Service trained the soldiers and told them that if they were captured in the war, they would try to find the Monopoly game machine with the red dot in the prison camp and tell them how to get the runway.

It’s not enough to finish this, because how to send the game console to the prison camp without causing the German suspicion is the most important point. After many considerations, the British Secret Intelligence Agency thought of the International Red Cross, through which these monopoly game consoles were mixed into the prisoners’ prison supplies. Of course, the International Red Cross did not know the tricks in these monopoly game consoles. It was very happy to accept it. Even they did not know it, and they became inexplicably the rescuers of the Allies.

Share board games for the last two parties

The players turn the cards in turn, and the cards that are turned back can be placed on the original cards to block them, as long as you remember what cards are underneath. Once three identical ugly dolls appear on the desktop, everyone will compete to grab the three cards and win the most. If you make a mistake, you need to punish a card. If the card is on the table, the player can take all means to grab the card.

Game experience: I feel that this kind of play is very violent. Hahaha, the recommended person does not know what to play, let us a few beautiful girls grabbed in front of the handsome guy, what is the heart~~~ But as a warm-up game, everyone will soon Familiar, from this point of view, this game is barely passing (I will admit that I am slow)

Image from the network

The hot words of the game “just say a word” (look at whether our brain hole is similar)

Number of players: 3-8

Each player draws 6 cards as a hand, and the hand must be kept secret from other players. The starting player covers a card and assigns a name (words, sentences, actions, expressions), and the rest of the players take out the card that is most like this description to confuse other players, cover and play, wash Cards, open the cards that are played, and each player votes to select the card that the starting player played.

If all the players guess the card that the questioner played, or if there is no guesser guessing, then the questioner will not score, all the guessers will get 2 points each, if it is other cases, then the questioner Get 3 points, guess the result of the guesser got 3 points, the card played by the guesser, each time you get a vote, the guesser who played the card can get 1 point.

The player is made to take turns until someone reaches 30 points or the card is used up.

Game experience: Everyone’s brain hole is really a lot worse! For example, there is a board of cards that is Faye Wong (妃). Some people have short-haired women’s cards. The title is a rotating Trojan card. Many people choose female cards. On the spot, LZ knew a little friend who was very consistent with my brain hole. It was confession and confession. This brand LZ played very early. The friend’s house was prepared. When Song Zhongji was still very hot, he also issued a title called “ Song Zhongji, when the guests come to play this game often, the picture is rich, home must-have, suitable for all ages.

Hot-game game “Biscuit Wars”

Number of players: 4-8

Each hand starts with a few hands. The hand consists of biscuits, donuts, cookies, cakes, gingerbread people, etc. The starting player throws the dice and the corresponding action on the dice, such as taking a hand in exchange for a hand. Milk in the hands of other players / Give the milk in the hands of the home / All players and the next home to change all the hands / Each player discards 3 hands to the table and then grabs 3 back, etc., throwing the dice in turn, the first hand The cards are all in the same category (biscuits, donuts, cookies, cakes, gingerbread people, etc.) and have one milk card at the same time to win.

Game experience: It is said that it is one of the boss’s favorite yarn games. The next successful second card may be given to the next home or the next one. You never know if you can win. The biscuit picture is quite beautiful, it is quite interesting to grab it, the biscuit is not bad, and the talent for the bad cookie is bad! Online search for a map to be posted, actually can not find, may not name the biscuit war, the next time I saw the boss ask.

How to play: Players take turns quickly to play the name corresponding to the card. At the same time as playing the card, you must say the name “correctly” as quickly as possible. If it is the same as the card of the previous family, you can’t say the correct name of the card. At the same time, there is a prohibition card. If one of the cards is forbidden, The name, the player can not repeat the name of the card at home and can not name the forbidden name. Any hesitation or mistake will eat all the cards on the field, and the player who first played the game will win.

Game experience: In order to let the unknown friends familiar with each other, we will use the respective names to name the cards, so that the names of the games will be remembered after the game is over. As the old driver of the wool game, LZ changed his name to “my name is very long”, and named the prohibition card as a cauliflower with the same pattern as one of the cards. The new ones were caught off guard by themselves~ for their own This little trick applauded~